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Friday’s Nip: Rhuby Spritz from the Oxo Tower Brasserie

When a close friend jumped ship for Dubai recently, we had a big posh goodbye lunch at the Oxo Tower Brasserie. It was “just order a starter as a main” expensive, but it was a special occasion so I spunked Β£12.50 on a cocktail. I can’t remember what I ordered, but my buddy ordered a Rhuby Spritz. One sip later and the fact that I’d have to work two hours to pay for it flew out the window: I had to have one. Some kind of witchcraft had created a rhubarb cocktail that tasted exactly like rhubarb and custard sweeties. Amazing. And it looks so fucking prim with its flirty summer berries. What a tease.


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Nip: Rhuby Spritz from the Oxo Tower Brasserie”

  1. Lol can’t believe it disclosed my location and everything. What a violation of my privacy πŸ˜› Anyhoo, I would KILL for a Rhuby Spritz right now…

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