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Friday’s Nip: House-Infused Habanero Chilli Tequila

Last year, my brother and I went on an American adventure. Both veggies, we researched each town we were passing through to make sure we hit the best veggie and vegan eateries and drinkeries and snackeries and other relevant -eries around. We found this absolutely banging bar called the Highline in Seattle: it was a metal vegan pub. I mean, fucking hell. It may as well have been called Slater’s Gaff. Anyway, we only intended to eat dinner there but it was so awesome, we stayed all night and got completely irresponsibly twatted. At one point, it seemed like a good idea to try their house-infused spirits. I had a gentle vanilla and orange blossom bourbon that gave me a rainbow/unicorn warmth. My brother went for the habanero chilli tequila and lost approximately 25% of his face through sheer sweat. He didn’t manage to finish the whole glass. Apparently it’s good in a Bloody Maria, but I don’t think my brunch face could handle that much chilli with my hangover. They also do garlic, basil and peppercorn vodka, strawberry tequila, pineapple rum and cucumber/mint gin, amongst others.

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