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World Food: Bedlam, Seattle.

The best thing about Seattle, apart from seeing family and Rat City Roller Girls and all the men in utilikilts and the whole grunge thing and the awesome street art, is probably the fucking boom coffee culture.

Here we have raspberry and peanut butter doughnuts with fancy frothy coffee, the coffee equivalent of a petticoat. All froofy and dressed up and fancy-pants.

My brother looks exactly like the famous Fremont Troll. We were in Seattle for a long weekend, and managed to squeeze a lot of coffee into those four or five days. Our favourite coffee place was Bedlam on  2nd Avenue, just up the road from our hostel. It was crammed with curiosities, which in turn inspired us to cram our faces with doughnuts.


The foam art. Let’s talk about the foam art. No cutesy coffee beans here. This coffee is hardcore and it knows it.

5 thoughts on “World Food: Bedlam, Seattle.”

      1. Damn you, woman! I must have the power. Why do you mock me so? Clearly, you have the means to ascertain exactly how to summon the spirits in your cappuccino foam. I only know how to add spirits to my latte: espresso vodka + coffee + milk + sugar = Wide Awake Miss Snarky Pants.

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