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Veg*n London: InSpiral, Camden.

As both a Londoner and a foodie, I love niffing around the city to check out fresh places where I can get my veggie grub on. As well as posting travel photos of amazing dishes from around the world, I’m also going to share my favourite herbivorous haunts around London. They’re all fucking awesome. You’re welcome.

This is a slice of raw vegan pumpkin pie from canal-side Camden café InSpiral. British Whole Foods aficionados might recognise the twirly tree logo. These are the lentil-lovers responsible for those slices of fresh vegan cake so rich it takes about an hour to eat through the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-even-I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter-buttercream and tubs of Raw Kale Chips.

Camden is my favourite part of London. The pubs have good jukeboxes, and you can get any combination of the following if you know where to go: flat beer, cheese fries, goths wearing binbags, awesome toilet graffiti, posh cocktails, hipsters with bed-head, free live music, expensive live music, LGBTQ spaces, craft beer, reggae, street food, and raw vegan pumpkin pie.

Camden is kind to vegans and veggies. The burough has an abundance of veggie and vegan eateries, including Manna and the Ha Ha Veggie Bar. Manna feels posh and grown up, like Guerlain perfume or using a facewipe to remove your Halloween make up instead of letting the pillowcase take the brunt of the damage. The Ha Ha Veggie Bar serves up a dirt cheap menu of veggie burgers, falafel and jacket spuds, perfect for a pre-gig face-cramming. InSpiral is like if both places went to Glastonbury, made sweet love to one another and spawned a child who listens to both Barry White and Beans on Toast.

The raw vegan pumpkin pie is seasonal and delicious. The cool, creamy pumpkin filling is sweetly spiced and piled onto a date and pecan base, garnished with a little sprig of mint.

Here’s a sneak peak of the whole meal, minus the cider because I was necking that simultaneously.

Vegan spanakopita, chilli and garlic marinated mixed olives, raw vegan pumpkin pie.

InSpiral // Menu // InSpiral @ Happycow.net //

9 thoughts on “Veg*n London: InSpiral, Camden.”

  1. ooo I likey! I go to Camden quite a lot but have never heard of this place :O I’m actually going there tonight but not for food otherwise Id head straight over for a slice of that pie 🙂

    1. InSpiral actually operates as a late night venue too, with live bands, DJs and well-priced drinks, so you might be able to grab some post-night out pie if you get your timing right!

      1. I’m too slow at replying to comments, so it’s my fault you felt ugh after questionable Camden chips! I shall attempt to live with the guilt but it will be a struggle.

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