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World Food: Cafe Mlynek, Kraków.

I spent a rainy weekend in Kraków a couple of months ago. It pissed it down particularly heavily one night as my brother and I wondered between bars, drinking cherry-spiked Zywiec and shots of fruity vodka. It took ages to capture this photo without a tripod*

*Listen to me, talking about tripods as if the first thing I think about when I hear the word “tripod” is  a piece of photography equipment and not this cat:


Anyway, back to Poland. Kraków is architecturally beautiful and although we were just there for two days, we managed to see a lot of the city via a white knuckle tour that basically involved being whizzed around the whole city on a mini milk cart.


Kraków is great for veggies with good selection of veggie and vegan cafés. We were just around the corner from Cafe Mlynek, so ended up eating there twice – once in the beautiful September sunshine and once for a late-night meal after a long day of mooching. This isn’t the most exciting meal ever, but I felt like writing about Poland. It’s a sandwich of baked tofu, coriander pesto, rocket and sprouts. The coriander pesto had lemon juice in it – a brilliant touch that I want to attempt to emulate at some point.

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