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Veg*n UK: Pulse and Biddy’s, Norwich.

Norwich is beautiful at the worst of times, but in the snow it’s magical. The night before my train ride, my pal Jenny came to stay. We stayed up until the wee hours supping vodka and watching a gentle snow fall across my back garden. As an inhabitant of Sweden, Jenny was all “whatever” about the few flakes England was squeezing out, so I filled in the awkward gaps in conversation by tweeting a pretend narrative.

“Jenny is pleasantly surprised by London’s impressive snow fall. She has used the words “winter wonderland” and “Narnia” more than once.”

“Each time we step outside, Jenny tilts her face towards the sky to experience the fresh purity of British snow.”

“She says it’s like being kissed by a thousand tiny little wet wipes.”

The next day afternoon we headed to Norwich. A few flakes in London translated to inches of slush and snow in Norwich.


Pulse is tucked down an alleyway, above Rainbow Wholefoods, a great health food store. Their menu is absolutely fab – a big choice between sandwiches, salads and hearty mains, with creative sides and delectable cakes. I used to eat here every so often with my pal Brett of My Boyfriend’s Kitchen when we were studying in Norwich together, and my favourite was always the tofu club sandwich. This time around, I went for a bbq tofu sandwich with salad and a warming spicy tea of some description (LOOK AT ME, DOING FOOD BLOGGING. Sorry if this is like reading a postcard to my mother).

P1010907Exciting specials and a raw food event!


Brett sent me a message before my trip, warning me that if I didn’t visit the Deerly Beloved Bakery our friendship would be compromised. I made it to Biddy’s Tea Room although I missed all the amazing vegan cakes downstairs in favour of a slice of rose and pistachio cake and rose lemonade in the tea room.


It was perfectly lovely, and I absolutely adored the kitsch vibe in Biddy’s, but I wish the cake had a bit more flavour to it. Perhaps if I hadn’t smoked about four thousand cigarettes and drank a litre of vodka the morning before with Jenny, my taste buds might have had a bit more pep.

P1010923I wish I’d got a decent photo of the cakes. The rose and pistachio was the only vegan option in the tea room, but the bubblegum and raspberry one looks really awesome! All thick blue icing and red-black crumbs.

13 thoughts on “Veg*n UK: Pulse and Biddy’s, Norwich.”

  1. “Jenny is pleasantly surprised by London’s impressive snow fall. She has used the words “winter wonderland” and “Narnia” more than once.” – My absolutely favorite line! That photo made me think of Narnia, I must admit. Weird thing about Brits…why must you guys put doors in your wardrobes? How is one every expected to find their way out of your rambling castles when you’ve hidden the bloody doors from us?

  2. Love this post! Sorry that Deerly Beloved was not all I thought it would be! Either way we must still visit both of these haunts next time I am in the UK! Missing you, and btw your photography is getting SO much better 🙂

    1. It was my mistake – I should have gone downstairs to the bakery part of it. We absolutely must – in fact, there are loads of places in the UK I’d want to take you to!

      Thank you… I’m actually trying really hard, but fiddling with camera settings and finding the right light and all that just doesn’t come naturally to me at all 😀

  3. Oh that my local city! Kayeigh does a awesome chocolate hazelnut cake (she owns deerly beloved) and they sell it in waterstones, Norwich. I havnt gone into biddys and tasted the cakes in there, last time I tried to get a seat in there it was really busy (good for them though!)

    1. I love Norwich! I lived there for a year whilst studying an MA at UEA. Wish I’d known they had more vegan options downstairs at Biddy’s – I really screwed the pooch on that one. The cake was delicious though and I’ll definitely go back next time I’m in Norwich!

      1. The nectar, its a raw veggie place, but most is vegan, theres a 100% veggie indian resturaunt with a whole load of vegan options, this cool lil’ veggie cafe that sells indian food. Thats all I can think of right now?

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