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Veg*n London: Coach & Horses, Soho.

P1010491My girl Nisha: cooking partner, fellow vegetarian and friend for life. I miss her loads since she flew back to her home town of New Orleans. Before she left, we had lunch at Soho’s first vegetarian pub: the Coach & Horses on Greek Street, Soho. The veggie lunch menu is crammed with delicious veggie versions of standard pub grub – bangers and mash, lasagne, burgers, salads, fish and chips – along with a selection of creative veggie dishes and a modest handful of vegan option

P1010493Oh yeah! A British classic: fish and chips. This was proper hangover pub grub: battered tofu (“tofush” – not the snappiest title ever but it’ll do), chips and peas with a slice of lemon and a squirt of ketchup. The tofu was pressed and wrapped in a sheet of nori before dunked in an ale-based batter and deep fried. The nori gave it a curiously fishy aesthetic and tang, although the tofu itself was otherwise unflavoured. Based on the current menu on the website, however, it looks like Norman – chef? owner? – has upped his game: the peas are now “crushed and minted”, and the chips are “root vegetable chips” rather than standard frozen French fries.

P1010496My stupid face eating my stupidly huge plate of deep fried carbs (and peas). The primary purpose of this photo is to demonstrate the kitsch cake stands and hip mirrors in the background of the tea room.

Anyway, the main thing is that we could still get pissed.

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