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Veg*n London: Mildreds, Soho.


Located on seedy lookin’ Lexington Street, Mildreds is a bustling veggie restaurant in the heart of Soho. Mildreds was the first veggie restaurant I ever dined in, around five years ago now, so it holds a special place in my heart … even though if I’m totally honest I don’t think the food can look the hype in the eye without breaking out in a cold sweat

Mildreds don’t take reservations, so we were lucky to get seats one busy weekday lunchtime. We were perched on high chairs on a shelf-style table by the door, our backs to the queue waiting to be seated. The lighting sucked, hence the weirdly bright neon colours of the food. My pal Sian (aka Bramble Granville, a guest star on Cake Theory) ordered some kind of mad risotto cake afloat on a sea of tomatoey-orangey sauce. We ate this meal months ago, but you may or may not recall my laptop had a meeting of minds with a cup of squash a few months ago. I have now rescued all the old photos from the hard drive so expect lots of vaguely terrible blogging for the next few weeks. You’re welcome.

P1010635 (2)

Green olive and baby aubergine tagine. Green olives are brilliant: they’re like chowing down on little meaty salty flavour punches every few bites. These dishes were from the autumn menu – the winter menu looks a bit more exciting.

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