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Veg*n London: Ms. Cupcake, Brixton.

My friend Christina and I decided to have lunch at Ms. Cupcake around a week in advance. As a food blogger, I thought it best not to bother charging my camera so I could capture our first meal at the new vegan bakery, because why the fuck would I do that? So thank you to Christina for letting me borrow her fancy-pants camera.


Christina had told me about Ms. Cupcake before, but it wasn’t until I saw Fat Gay Vegan’s post about the new range of sandwiches that I realised the inexplicable draw to Brixton that I felt in my loins was actually the siren’s song from the small fridge of Ms. Cupcake.


We had the choice between coronation chicken, ham or cheese – not as exciting as I was expecting following the FGV post that mentioned hoisin duck and Thai green chicken sandwiches. We both rocked with coronation chicken, and weren’t disappointed. Vegan pre-packed sandwiches: highlight of my week.


The sandwich was pretty filling, but half an hour of natter and I was ready to take on my cupcake. The icing was just thick, creamy, sugary joy piped onto a moist yellow cupcake. It tasted of strawberry with a hint of coconut and it was easily the best vegan cupcake I’ve ever had. Whilst we ate, I watched one of the bakers icing a cake and it reminded me of watching ice skating on the TV because she make it look so easy yet I knew if I tried it at that speed I’d probably break my face.

I’m going to post my top five joints for vegan desert in London on Monday, so hold onto your hats chaps.

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