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Call For Submissions: The Vegan Society

Amsterdamn Pankcakesh-tile

Clockwise, L-R: Pancake in Amsterdam, coffee and beignets in New Orleans, battered tofish and chips in London, tofu and pesto sandwich in Krakow. 

The Vegan Society are looking for international contributions and I thought I’d pass the message along because I’m nice like that.

“Calling all vegans from around the world: Help to bring veganism to a global audience! Write a short article about veganism in your country. We want to hear from you!

In the run-up to our 70th anniversary, it is more important than ever that we reconnect with vegans the world over, and come together to celebrate several decades since we created the word ‘vegan’.

Tell us your stories about veganism, such as:
– What’s happening where you live?
– What has changed in the last five years?
– What opportunities might there be in the future?

Interested in contributing to The Vegan and helping us to extend our international outreach?
Send your ideas to!

We’re looking for between 500-1000 words, plus high quality photographs. 
Deadline for summer issue: Mon, 11th of March
Deadline for autumn issue: Mon, 10th of June

Please note that unfortunately we cannot pay for submissions. We also cannot guarantee that your article will be published, although all submissions will be given strong consideration.”

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