Veg*n London

Veg*n London: The Ha Ha Veggie Bar, Camden.


P1020087Words can’t adequately describe how many crap photos I have of veggie burgers from the Ha Ha Veggie Bar in Camden on my phone. I’ve been trying to capture it’s subtle beauty but it’s literally impossible. It’s a little shack of fun serving up cheap superseed vegan burgers slathered in veganaise and fried onions. My pal Richard pulls this mad happy šŸ˜€ expression every time we make it there before it shuts. I can’t believe I used to eat those aluminium cartons of greasy gristly noodles from the nearby market when the Ha Ha Veggie Bar was right there, all this time. Totally cheap, really simple, each burger is like a stuffing patty fried on a griddle and slapped into a soft brown bun.


Located just past Oddballs, near the mouth of Camden Lock, the Ha Ha Veggie Bar is a stone’s throw from Cookies & Scream, the vegan bakery. I love to grab an avocado burger and sit at the powder blue metal tables inside the covered part of the market, with a cup of Tea Pigs tea and a warm cookie or award winning brownie from Cookies & Scream.

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