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Berlin Countdown: 13 Days.

I leave for Berlin in just under two weeks! My brother and I have been intending to go ever since our aunt and uncle bought a flat there. This trip has been about ten years in the making and I can’t freakin’ wait. We’re going to split our trip in half, spending a few nights at her place and the rest of our stay in the Jetpak Alternative Hostel. Between promises of 24hr bars, iPod speakers in every room and David Hasselhoff shrines, it was nigh on impossible to choose a place to stay in Berlin, but the fact that Jetpak Alternative is “located in an alternative neighbourhood with lots of graffiti, dark gas lanterns and dog shit” clinched it for us.

I’m so excited – mooching around new cities, getting shit-faced and meeting new people is my absolute favourite thing to do, and my brother is an excellent travel companion. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve bought a made-to-measure clingy mini dress in butter-soft black velvet from vegan lovelies MoonMaiden and a raven blue-black lipstick from against-animal-testing Illamasqua. I’m going to haunt the goth bars and stomp around taking photos of toilet graffiti* and drink awesome beer and say gesundheit literally every time anyone anywhere near me sneezes.

Have you been to Berlin? Tell me EVERYTHING!

(You may or may not know that I also have a toilet graffiti blog called But Then Feminism Happened – check it out!).

5 thoughts on “Berlin Countdown: 13 Days.”

    1. Haha, right? I called my brother and was like, “Get this. One hostel has a David Hasselhoff shrine” and he was like, “Right, tick that one off the list.”

      Whatever, he LOVED that weird car song.

    1. Omh amazing, thank you so much! Happy Cow is awesome for finding somewhere to eat on the go, but it’s not really all that inspiring pre-trip (most of the time, there’s always exceptions of course).

      I’m going for 8 days so expect an absolute blizzard of Berlin posts when I get back!

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