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World Food: Cafe Mlynek, Kraków.


My mother, brother and I went to Kraków last September for a weekend break. Between wondering around the breathtaking Wieliczka Salt Mine and visiting Schindler’s factory, my brother and I wondered how we’d fair as vegetarians in Kraków. Answer: awesome.

Okay, so I’ve actually blogged about Café Mlynek in Kraków before, but I never got around to posting our second meal there so I thought now was the time to bestow upon you these really grainy photos. It was a late night supper in Kazimierz following and preceding LOTS OF BEER. The photos suck because I’m a terrible photographer. And maybe I’d been drinking. There, I said it.


It was late, so I ordered a really simple shredded tofu and rice dish topped with vegan parsley pesto, washed down with a pint of Zywiec (standard). I still dream of this dish. I’ve tried to recreate it but I just can’t quite nail it.

S5000063My brother bringing his best “Come at my, bro” game on face to Polish dumpling-eating. These veggie polish dumplings, called pierogis, are boiled then fried, similar to Japanese gyoza. Nestled inside was a delicious umami filling of chopped mushrooms and sauerkraut, served with a big pile of sprouts and sour cream.

Incidentally, if you find yourself planning a weekend sojourn somewhere in Europe, Krawów is awesome, affordable and veggie-friendly. I have one more Kraków post up my sleeve so hold onto your hats.

Cafe Mlynek: website | Happy Cow

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