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World Food: Home Cooking in Berlin.


I’m back from my travels and fat with experiences (and vegan bratwurst and beer and love for Berlin). Before we left, my aunt warned us that it was pretty cold in Berlin, with a bit of snow. By the time we landed, Berlin was a winter wonderland with milky skies and frigid, leafless trees. In March. Scary, yo. Scary but also stunning. It also occurred to me that etymologically speaking, icing and frosting of the cake variety both relate to features of cold weather. Cupcakes always look wintry, like they’ve been left out in the snow. I have spent a lot of time staring at snow-topped monuments and thinking about cake (standard).

Anyway, I totally forgot the clocks went forward so it’s actually 2.41am as I write this and that’s a stupid hour to be writing cake thoughts on the internet but remember kids: at any moment of any day, someone, somewhere, is staring at a snowball and wishing it was a cupcake.



We stayed with my aunt and her husband in their flat, nestled relatively central in Friedrichshain, for the beginning and end of our trip, and spent the middle chunk in a hostel. This is just a little foodie post about my aunt Dolores and her husband Harvey. Both pescetarians and excellent cooks, I was actually staying with them for a weekend in their Carlisle home when I decided to try veganism. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve dropped off the bandwagon, oh, thousands of times, but I’m feeling really determined and inspired post-Berlin to knuckle down and ditch the dairy for good. I know, riveting shit. I’ll do a proper post about where I’ve failed at some point this week, but for now, my aunt Dolores. An organic addict and queen of good old fashioned health, she is an absolute culinary hero. Breakfast usually consisted of a selection of wholegrain cereals, rehydrated spiced figs and fresh berries with soya milk. I never eat breakfast because I don’t believe in rising before lunch time unless I absolutely have to, but I ate this shit every single day.

P1020158They welcomed us to Germany with a selection of vegetarian German staples: kartoffelpuffer (fried potato pancake), baked spinach pancake, vegan bratwurst-style German sausage, sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) served with a squeeze of ketchup and a dollop of sweet mustard. I’m still dreaming about that sausage.



3 thoughts on “World Food: Home Cooking in Berlin.”

  1. “at any moment of any day, someone, somewhere, is staring at a snowball and wishing it was a cupcake” – lol

    That baked spinach pancake looks awesome! I’m Googling that shit (unless you have a recipe for me..?).

    1. Y’know what, I think it was from the amazing deli section in the local posh-as-fuck supermarket! We had all landed that day, so no one really felt like cooking properly. It was awesome though, but not as awesome as the sausage. STILL DREAMING OF IT.

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