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World Food: Yellow Sunshine, Berlin.

“I trust you’ve already tried vegan currywurst,” a twitter pal tweeted me whilst I was in Berlin. Ridiculous question. Of course I hadn’t tried vegan currywurst: I wasn’t organised enough to research where such a mysterious beast resided.

Anyway, comedically, it turned out we could nosh on a vegan currywurst – a sort of curry-ketchupped sausage extravaganza – less then ten minutes away from our hostel at Yellow Sunshine, a bio fast food joint. There isn’t much to say about Yellow Sunshine because reader, I was hungover. Very hungover. The reason I was hungover can be explained in one picture:



You see that happiness in my eyes? That’s the happy-go-lucky expression of someone who thinks they’ll be fine after chugging four beers and two jagers and then staggering home singing in the snow. For reference, I have small girl-child hands and that beer is bigger than my face. The end.


The menu was 100% organic vegetarian junk and it was magical. We had burgers (pictured: vegan chicken burger) and then my brother spotted the vegan currywurst on the menu so we shared one of those too, even though that was more food than any human needs after consuming 809398 calories in beer the night before.




Keep your peepers peeled because I’m working on a healthy version of vegan currywurst for dinner tonight. I’ll post the recipe if it works out!

P1020334 P1020335


Yellow Sunshine Website (German) | Yellow Sunshine on Happy Cow

7 thoughts on “World Food: Yellow Sunshine, Berlin.”

    1. Mate, I drank like four of them and then I died. Unfortunately, drinking doesn’t make me eat like a monster at all, so it took an absolute age to eat that burger but it was so. effing. good.

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