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CLOSED: World Food: Café Lebensfroh

**This café is now CLOSED**

This is literally just a food porn post, as the café is now closed for business. My brother and I spent the middle chunk of our Berlin adventure staying in the awesome Jetpak Alternative Hostel (which was absolutely brilliant, I can’t recommend it enough. Particularly as the owner was kind enough to set me up with a bottle of fizz as a thank you for mentioning our booking on Smokin’ Tofu before we set off – a really lovely gesture that set us up for an excellent stay. Also, whilst I’m talking about Jetpak: gotta love a hostel that provides a proper serious big boy shower. No pressing buttons every five seconds and then squeezing into damp knickers at Jetpak, ho no).

A few doors down, we spotted a vegan café called Café Lebensfroh. We thought a raw vegan lunch would be the perfect hangover cure, but were dismayed to discover the imminent closure of the café. This basically means this post is totally useless for those visiting Berlin and it’s really just to show off how awesome our lunch was. Ha.



Although actually, this is a great opportunity to recommend a kickass android app my brother used to translate our way through Berlin’s menus. Word Lens Translator is like, £3 or something and totally kicks ass for decoding menus. I’ll never travel without it. You simply point your camera at the menu (or sign, etc) and the app translates the words. Not always totally accurate, but good enough when ordering lunch.


Raw vegan kholrabi pasta with cashew pesto and salad.

P1020243Warm vegan tomato, black olive and rosemary scone with amazing raw salad.


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