Veggie Friendly London

Veggie Friendly London: Honest Burgers, Soho.


London has so many restaurants and cafés that actually make the effort to provide interesting and well-prepared veggie options, I’m going to start celebrating them under the “Veggie Friendly London” category. These might not always be vegan, but we’ll see how my ever-strong vegan resolve lasts.

My mom (Smokin’ Mofo – everyone say hi!) and I do a thing called Mommy Mondays (pronounced in the thickest Brummy accent imaginable. Really work to elongate those syllables: Mommoiiiiiiiii Muuuuundaaaaayyyyyze).


During Mommy Mondays, we go for lunch and spend the whole journey there and the whole journey back discussing how brilliant lunch is. Basically, we think we’re living the Sex and the City dream (but instead of talking about anal and blow jobs we talk about our majestic cat Ronnie and to be honest, I think we’re both happier that way). Anyway, I think we’re aiming to eat our way around London so this is a Mommy Monday post from our last lunch at Honest Burgers.

Honest Burgers is a straight up hipster burger joint recommended to me by my pal Bethany of My Arched Eyebrow. The veggie option is a curried cauliflower fritter served with crispy golden chips spanked with a generous sprinkle of rosemary salt. Bethany said the chips were the best thing she’d ever had in her mouth (paraphrasing) and yeah, it was love at first suck for me too. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Soho, it’s a small place with a simple menu that they just do really fucking well.

When we got home, I showed my mother the photos of my Bubblebath Martini, so we attempted to recreate it in our garden shed:


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