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Veg*n Events: MsCupcake Book Launch


Last week I went to the launch of Ms Cupcake’s new book, The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town!

The launch was basically a bustling street party in front of the shop with vegan DJs, vegan canapes, cosmopolitans, vegan cookies and wine in bright pink plastic cups.


And obviously… there was a helluva lot of cake with that signature just-stiff-enough-buttercream that makes me go weak at the knees. Oh Ms Cupcake, everyone wants to marry you. Mostly but not entirely for your baking skills and your hats.


Obviously I picked up a copy of the book – it was far too pretty to ignore. Also, ever since I started following My Boyfriend’s Kitchen and In Vegetables We Trust I’ve wanted to up my baking ante, and this seemed like a good excuse to start.

this one

Ohoh yes, Ms Cupcake signed my book for me and I got to gush about how wonderful the event was. The food was amazing, with platters of vegan sushi and things-on-sticks and fake chicken nuggets circulating between trays of chocolate chip cookies and cocktails. I also left with a pair of cupcakes for Brendan and I to share, but I was too giddy on sugar and booze to take photos. I can tell you that a) one was rose flavour b) one was piña colada flavour and c) both were awesome.


A week later, and we were itching for another fix of that creamy sweet stuff. I don’t have suitable deep cupcake trays, but luckily the book also has loads of tray bakes, loaves and cookies. I decided to make the blueberry lemon loaf cake because not only did I have everything bar the fresh fruit in my cupboard,  I also had a vaguely suitable loaf tin. I know. Gripping shit going down over here.


Anyway it turned out awesome because the recipe was straight forward and easy to follow, with both cups and weights to adapt to either cooking style. So basically go forth, purchase Ms Cupcake’s new book and EAT CAKE.

Big kisses to Brendan, Mel and Christina for the photos.

9 thoughts on “Veg*n Events: MsCupcake Book Launch”

  1. I wish I could of gone! An I’m glad your baking (everyone should bake forever!) Need this book in my life….. *weeps* It is my birthday soon so I will have to force my boyfreind to buy it for me…..

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