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World Food: Le Pain Quotidien, Amsterdam.

P1020727Isn’t this just the best window in the world?

P1020728 Hostel cat looking out the window thinking hostel thoughts. We stayed at the International Budget Hostel IstanBlue. Great location, but unfortunately we came home one night to find a sign stuck on our bedroom door asking us to report to reception. “Emergency building work” (aka bedbugs) meant a member of staff had to move our shit from our room whilst we were out. Niiiiiiiice. It wasn’t the end of the world but it was a pain, we had to share a single bed for the rest of the trip and our new room mate was the Loudest Man On The Planet.

P1020759Anyway, Amsterdam is a brilliant city. It’s vibey and beautiful, with its khaki canals and constant whir of bike spokes. We spent most of our afternoons drinking sugar-water slushies and playing pool, exploring the different neighbourhoods and checking out the veggie eateries. Sadly there isn’t a brilliant selection of vegan-friendly restaurants and most veggie options tended to be heavy on the cheese-front, but we had a great lunch at La Pain Quotidien.

P1020755Vegan items are marked on the menu with a little carrot symbol, so I enjoyed a thick black bean hummus on toast with fresh raw veg and my boyfriend had quinoa salad with hummus and roasted veg. WE ATE LIKE KINGS.

Of course, one thing Amsterdam does really well is falafel via Maoz, but as there’s one in London I decided against doing a Maoz Amsterdam post, even though we ate there like three times in five days (and I hate to say it, but the salad selection is better in The Big Smoke so…).

Le Pain Quotidien Website | Happy Cow

(EDIT: It’s an international chain. I had no idea! Hurrah.)


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