San Francisco Countdown: 2 Months

Soooo… I booked a trip to San Francisco for September! Apart from EATING ALL THE THINGS, the primary reason for the trip is to hang out with a friend who’s very dear to my heart and continues to make me laugh and think and cook. I can’t wait to see Brett of My Boyfriend’s Kitchen !


Atop the Eiffel Tower. Man, I was going through such a great hair period that year.

Brett and I lived together in Norwich back in 2010. We used to spend a lot of time hanging out in our living room, surrounded by fairy lights, staring at a map of the world and freaking out about the size of Russia. Brett is my food muse and travel companion. We ate patatas bravas and sipped sangria in Madrid, gorged on goat’s cheese and piddly little pastel macaroons in Paris.


We’ve hung out in San Francisco together before, but this time around I’ll get to meet his boyfriend (who, incidentally, has a freakishly similar name to my boyfriend!) and his cats, plus I’ll get to see his gorgeous garden that’s packed with home grown produce. Obviously, I’m basically beside myself with glee at the thought of trying Brett’s food. I mean, he has photographic evidence that he has created vegan croissants. The boy is mastering vegan baking. Seriously, check out his blog.


After a week or so in San Francisco, I will be travelling to another American city, but I’ll save that location for later to create ~tension.

A friend of ours travelled to London from San Francisco recently, and Brett baked me a mini batch of these incredible cookies, soft and gently spiced with ginger. They did not last the week. They were absolutely amazing Brett, thank you! xxx


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