Veg*n UK: Foodilic, Brighton.


So you may or may not recall that last month I turned 27 and celebrated the occasion with a day trip to Brighton with my family. Brendan and I had intended to eat dinner at Terre a Terre. I’ve heard so much about Terre a Terre, so I was dying to go, but our day didn’t quite pan out that way and we ended up having a late lunch instead in the shape of a buffet from Foodilic, a little serve-yourself joint near Western Road.


They do serve meat though, so it’s not a total free-for-all veggie hoe-down, but close enough. All the veggies were crunchy, perfectly cooked and rainbow bright: vivid green broccoli, bright violet cabbage, saffron-orange butternut squash.



Next time I’ll make it to Terre a Terre, but Foodilic was pretty awesome and I’m pleased to see Mr Ilic is opening a branch in King’s Cross soon.


If you go to Brighton, don’t forget to check out my list of top 10 totally original things to do in Brighton.

3 thoughts on “Veg*n UK: Foodilic, Brighton.”

  1. Fab post. Great to see veggie places or those that cater to our needs springing up more than ever. I love Brighton and feel I could make a trip down that way this summer.

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