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Veg*n London: Inspiral Lounge, Camden.

I’m so into InSpiral Lounge in Camden you guys. I’ve just found out my friend Georg is coming to London soon, and that means I’ll be spending at least a couple of eyes kicking it with a black coffee on the canalside decking.

I have plenty of fond memories of chilling with Georg in that café (usually but not exclusively a bit rough around the edges and in need of wholesome vitamins and gentle music). These gorgeous hot days that we are all desperately clawing onto at the moment are perfect for dropping by to hang out languidly by the canal, coconut water in hand like the hipster I’m not.


The menu includes exciting vegan breakfasts, including a <£5 range of “stuff on toast” like home made baked beans, fried mushrooms or scrambled tofu. Or you can really go to town and order the vegan full monty (but frankly if it doesn’t include fried bread and a strong Bloody Mary to quell the hangover I don’t see the point in fried breakfasts).


Spanakopita is my favourite lunch: I think it’s the creaminess of the tofu filling with the sassy bite of black olive tapenade. Plus spinach is brilliant and who doesn’t love buttery (vegan) pastry?


InSpiral is also open really late: I love sitting by the canal late into the night with a bowl of marinated olives and a beer or two (or five).

Expect some more InSpiral Lounge posts when Georg drops into town!

3 thoughts on “Veg*n London: Inspiral Lounge, Camden.”

  1. This looks fab. Sadly when I lived in London the only veggie place I recall is Food for Thought near Neals Yard. I must return and add Camden into that list of places, haven’t been for years.

    1. Y’know what, I’ve never been to Food for Thought! It’s been on my list since forever so I really should pull my finger out and go. You’d love Camden: check out the Camden tag on my blog for more Camden veg*n joy! x

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