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Smokin’ Mail: Brownies from In Vegetables We Trust!

Well, I’ve got mail. Well, I had mail. Like, ages ago but I’m just getting around to sharing it with you now. Alex of In Vegetables We Trust is a complete darling and sent me a box of peanut butter brownies!

Each brownie was individually wrapped to keep them fresh and moist, and they arrived beautifully boxed to prevent them from getting squashed in the post.





In return, I sent Alex a box of goodies from King’s Cross vegan shop SSOV, including vegan marshmallows, vegan gummy sweets, two types of vegan jerky, a sticker and a little vegan badge. Basically, it was the best day ever. The brownies were an absolute hit – fudgey, salty and sweet with crumbly tops and moist innards. Just as all peanut butter brownies should be. The recipe is over on Alex’s blog and I totally yanked this picture from him too. THANKS PAL! Let’s do this again sometime. Also FYI, on his blog Alex said “pretty much gonna send everyone I know brownies now!” so you should probably head over and say hi.

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