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New Orleans Countdown: 2 Weeks

So, last month I said I was venturing to San Francisco in September, and then travelling on to a second mystery location. Well, I leave for SF a week today, and two weeks today I will be preparing to fly to…


… New Orleans to see this lil son of a bitch:



New Orleans is a brilliant city, bursting with live music, macabre history and awesome cuisine. Last time around, I ate white bean gumbo, held a baby alligator, drank daiquiris for breakfast and generally had a whale of a time.



It will be a totally different experience to my previous two trips. The first time around, I packed drunk and forgot my camera charger. People who turn their noses up at holiday photos baffle me because I literally remember jack from that trip as I have almost no photos to jog my memory. Anyway, we were only in town for a few days before hitting the road and driving all the way to California. The second time around, I went with my brother on our Great American Adventure of 2011, and we had an absolute blast eating beignets in Café du Monde, taking ghost tours and vampire walks around the French Quarter and drinking ourselves into early graves.


This trip will be totally different though, as this time I’ll be with my girl Nisha (who possibly has the best Instagram feed in the world, FYI). Nisha is New Orleanian born and bred, and I can’t wait to experience the city from her insider perspective. And to eat ALL THE VEGETARIAN THINGS.

Also, last week I was blogger of the week with Quill, a company I frequently write for. Go here and read an interview with yours truly about Smokin’ Tofu!

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