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California in Instagram

Would everyone just die of embarrassment if I did a “California in Instagram” post? What if I include some macarons, a picture of my toes in the Pacific ocean and a pastel coloured cocktail in a jam jar?

Enough being hilarious, I’m doing it.


Pumpkin ale in my face every day because everyone keeps saying “Fall is in the air” even though it’s about four hundred degrees out and I smell of old sweaty bloomers.


Brunch. I did brunch! I’m a lady what brunches! It was so SATC I can’t even stand it. Incidentally, this buttery fried farro dish will haunt me for the rest of my days.


Farmers’ market tomatoes in every tomato hue imaginable. I love tomatoes – room temp, or lightly warmed by the sun. Refrigerate a tomato and forever suffer the consequences.


We didn’t buy any tomatoes at the farmers’ market though because my pal Brett grows them himself. If somehow the scientists could put a pin in saving the planet and curing insufferable diseases, I’d really like a tomato-vine perfume. Thanks.


This photo is allowed because those aren’t yo mama’s macarons. Those are Bouchon macarons. They were better than the best Parisian macarons that have ever touched my lips, and when I go to Paris pretty much all I do is walk around in a beret Instagramming macarons. Leftie is raspberry and rightie is fig. Thank frig for fig. I think this whole trip thus far has been sponsored by figs.  Figs and tomatoes. I love a good fig. I mean frig. I mean fig.


If you want to gain twelve stone in one sitting, I recommend you make friends with a pastry chef. It’s okay if you follow up with a gin and tonic (with homemade tonic) because everyone knows G&Ts are counter-calorific.


Isn’t Natalie just beauty personified.  Honestly, just stick her in Napa and call her Dionysus.


This photo is after I regained my composure and got back to the serious task of drinking tasting free wine. The sommelier was like, “Are we ready to get started on the red?” and Brett’s boyfriend said, “Well, we’re already deep in the pink so what’s stopping us?” and I was near hysterical for far too long for a grown up. (Also, check out those Smokin’ Tofu earrings from Black Heart Creatives!).


HASHTAG NO FILTER. This was my first night in Oakland. The clouds looked like they were on fire. I took this photo whilst Brett ran to get his neighbours. Whilst he was gone, the dryness of the ten hour flight caught up with me and my nose burst into a glorious nosebleed. It was either the dryness or the beauty of the sky, not totally sure.

Anyway, it’s 8.30am in Oakland and I have a bag to pack… because later today I’m heading to New Orleans. I feel like I’ve only been in California for five minutes and I’m already preparing to leave. I could live here. I say that every time I travel, but I could honestly live here.

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Oh, and also: this is my 100th post on Smokin’ Tofu – and hasn’t it been a wild ride. The blog is almost one year old, and I’m feeling sassy, so please don’t forget to vote for Smokin’ Tofu at the Vegfest UK awards. Muchas gracias!

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