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World Food: Boot & Shoe Service, Oakland, California.


Most mornings in Oakland, California, Brendon and I took a stroll to meet his boyfriend and my buddy Brett at Boot & Shoe Service for breakfast pastries and frothy coffees. It’s an Italian style café restaurant with a full bar, bright courtyard garden and chilled vibe. People tap-tapping away on their laptops, the merry rattle of a cocktail shaker and the sound of our flagrant gossiping was the soundtrack to our mornings.

(*Note: not to be mistaken for Brendan, who is my beau back in England.)

P1030504The breakfast pastries were freshly baked each morning and were a bargain considering how much love went into those doughs. Okay, I admit that I might be a tad biased, but I don’t think you can get a better croissant in Oakland. Just sayin’.

P1030426By the end of my week long stay in Oakland, we managed to work our way through the entire selection – although naturally I steered clear of the prosciutto pastry because of death. That said, the selection changes all the time, so there’s always something new to try and that makes me feel sad because I’m hardcore missing out. Oakland natives and visitors alike, I urge you to shotgun pastries and think of me.

P1030430Anti-clockwise from top left: orange currant scone, chocolate chip cookie and pain aux chocolat. Sadly, none of these are vegan.


Brett of My Boyfriend’s Kitchen hard at work making dough. Scone dough? Croissant dough? I forget. Anyway. Top tip: for awesome breakfast every morning, make friends with the guy who bakes the pastries.


The lightest, fluffiest almond cake in the world. It was like a crumb cloud of almondy dreams in my mouth and every bite took me closer to my happy place (which, for future reference, is a pint of Strongbow, Orange is the New Black and a snoozing animal in my lap).

So, to conclude, Boot & Shoe Service is awesome. We also had a veggie brunch there, which was so majestic it deserves its own post. Consider this the amuse-bouche before the  brunch post. Oh god, the brunch post. There will be blood(y marys).

Boot & Shoe Service | Website

10 thoughts on “World Food: Boot & Shoe Service, Oakland, California.”

  1. Most definitely. If you want champagne with breakfast it has to be turned into Buck’s Fizz and – even then – it had better be a special occasion of mammoth proportions to justify it. But if we’re talking *brunch* – then bubbles of any kind are both justified and legitimate, and you don’t even need to add orange juice. Win, win. (Same rule totally applies to Midnight Buffets – champagne for everyone).

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