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New Orleans in Instagram

I think Instagram posts are going to become a regular post-trip fixture around these parts, gang. I just really love Instagram (even though right now it keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and pissing the shit out of me, but I mostly blame this terribly phone for that).

2d8161da1d8b11e3abce22000a1f96d4_7Behind the counter at Clover Grill, a 24hr diner on Bourbon Street. Their tagline is “Because food simply tastes better after midnight” which is something I wholeheartedly agree with.

79826a941d8511e3979522000a9f309d_7 (1)I love the flickering gas lights that cast eerie shadows against the houses and illuminate the city streets in New Orleans. They’re so spooky and gothic.

d3bf7ce61d8911e3b03722000a1fc75a_7Oh ho ho, yes, that little strumpet is a vegetarian po boy. When I get around to posting the Ba Chi Canteen food porn pics, your taste buds will blue ball so hard you’ll have to eat something delicious in a frenzy of gastronomic masturbation. This is a sweet chilli tofu po boy – a vegetarian po boy! I can’t believe it’s taken me three vegetarian New Orleans trips to discover a place that slings a decent vegetarian po boy.

f3c48bc41d8b11e38d1822000a1f8cf0_7Oak Alley Plantation – as seen on Interview with the Vampire, one of my favourite films set in New Orleans. I feel like I need to apologise to Nisha for the filter I used here because I didn’t notice it made her look a bit jaundiced. You are a beautiful dandelion, Nisha.


Awesome neon on Bourbon Street. According to the internet, “gumbo ya ya” means “everyone talking at once”, but I always thought it was a Cajun term for gossip or folk stories. Anyone know the true meaning and care to share?


The wrought iron balconies are awesome. I believe this is an example of the Spanish-style ironwork dotted throughout the city, but I may well be wrong because I was never without a drink in my hand.


This lil dude hung out with us on Nisha’s porch for a couple of hours before Napoleon, Nisha’s dog as opposed to the dead military leader, almost trod on him. I scooped him up and held him for 20 glorious seconds before he did a tiny frightened froggy wiggle and I had to let him go. I am so proud of this photo. Please admire his dignified froggy face in an awed silence.


Late night beignets and iced coffees at Café du Monde. Look at all that sugar and check out Smokin’ Tofu’s take on the iconic coffee house here


It rained on my last day in New Orleans, but between showers Nisha and I nipped into the Saint Louis No. 1 Cemetery for a mooch between the crumbling tombs.


Road trippin’ back to New Orleans from the bayou. My legs are absolutely polka dotted with mosquito bites after an ill-advised late night jaunt to the swamps. Terrible fucking idea.

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