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World Food: Bouchon, California.


This was the best day of my whole life. We went for a hike, we had brunch, we went to three vineyards to taste a billion different wines and then we ate a fuckload of cakes and pastries at Bouchon. Then we snuggled cats in front of American Horror Story. Jealous? Me too. Present me is jealous of past me because that chick knows how to have a good time.

So let’s talk about Bouchon. The first Bouchon Bakery opened next door to the Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, Napa County California. Since then, the bakeries seem to have overtaken the restaurants in terms of notoriety – I thought I’d never heard of Bouchon until I saw the front cover of the book on display within the bakery, which is stocked throughout bookshops in the UK. So anyway, enough history. Let’s talk cake. When I say “talk” I obviously mean stare at lots of cake pictures in a lustful silence.

P1030573This is a photo of Brett making love to Natalie’s muffin.

P1030571This is a massive awesome fig thing covered in a mountain of unconquerable sweet cream cheese. #foodblogging


P1030576Soft, sweet, chewy macarons made with fresh, seasonal fruit. Here we have raspberry and fig. I know macarons are a clichéd hipster Instagram cake, but honestly, the fig macaron (Mr Purple on the right) from Bouchon changed all of our lives for the better.


P1030579A fig tart that will break your heart.

P1030583A fig tart with a blonde that’ll break your heart.

P1030585Your humble author figging herself off (Smokin Tofu earrings are from Black Heart Creatives, represent).

P1030586This is about half of our haul. Not kidding. We’d been supping wine and talkin’ smack about grapes all afternoon and we just went balls to the wall in Bouchon. No regrets. So, if you find yourself in Napa or Sonoma Valley, take a detour to Bouchon Bakery for perfection in every bite. Don’t think about it, just knock back the dregs of that $200-a-bottle Cabernet Sauvignon taster that you’re never going to purchase and haul ass to Bouchon. Check the website for other locations – there’s certainly branches  in Vegas, New York and Beverly Hills too. My only question is: can we please have a branch in London? Because I don’t crap plane tickets to California.

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