We Are Adventuring: World Food

World Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Clover Grill, New Orleans.

2d8161da1d8b11e3abce22000a1f96d4_7From jazz to jambalaya, diner food is pretty low on the list of things New Orleans is famous for, but the ubiquitous diner is a gastronomical staple across America, and the Big Easy is no exception. Diners are America’s answer to greasy spoons, and yet for reasons unknown you don’t see many ’50s themed East End caffs in the States (million dollar idea right there – CALLING IT).

Anyway, sometimes (usually a few hours after beer o’clock) your body just craves a thickass grilled cheese and a heap of hot salted fries and if you happen to be quenching your thirst on Bourbon, Clover Grill is the place to go.


The candy pink menu is basic and honest (“We love to fry and it shows!”), proffering standard southern diner fare: omelets, grits, biscuits and gravy, grilled cheeses, milkshakes and malts, waffles, coffee. Real talk: that’s all you need at 3am. Save the quinoa salads and kale smoothies for brunch, hippy.




Nisha chowing down on a blue cheese omelette and grits. I’m not a grits kinda gal but, for the curious, grits are a creamy side dish similar to polenta. On a plate, they do a good job masquerading as mashed potato but… grittier. They can be served sweet or savoury but not on my plate.




Clover Grill is nestled between the gay bars of Bourbon Street, and is a gay-friendly establishment that opens its doors to all. Open 24hrs a day, I challenge anyone to spend any length of time in New Orleans without sneaking in a cheeky drunken grilled cheese.

Clover Grill | website

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