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World Food: Satsuma, New Orleans.


A wind of change is blowing through the New Orleans foodie scene. Two years ago, my brother and I struggled to find vegetarian restaurants in New Orleans. This was primarily because we found it difficult to navigate after ber o’clock, which tended to strike at about midday. This time around, armed with a car and a gal with a backhand knowledge of vegetarian restaurants in New Orleans , I found loads of brilliant eateries and drinkeries that served veggie and vegan cuisine alongside their meat dishes.



We had lunch in Satsuma before heading to the Country Club for a dip in the pool as the late afternoon sun began to set. Satsuma has an arty atmosphere (think antique books and thriftstore oddities, people tapping away on laptops and hipsters in hats drinking lattes). Diners order from the blackboard menu above the counter. Unfortunately, it’s not the best system and I recommend groups avoid splitting their order. Nisha and I paid together, but our mate Brandy ordered first, and she had almost finished her sandwich by the time ours arrived.



Pineapple limeade and beet lemonade.

As the name suggests, Satsuma is the kind of joint that specialises in vitamin C: lavish salads, thickass sandwiches and juicy drinks brimming with the good shit.  Vegans can get their foodie fix with scrambled tofu, black bean burgers and a range of raw salads, plus your carnivorous travel pals can tuck into a BLT or smoked salmon bagel.


P1030848Mediterranean quinoa salad.



… and here’s the money shot. This is a fancy pants grilled cheese sandwich: roasted pear slices smothered in melted brie, with a sweet walnut spread, caramelised onion and a balsamic glaze.  The filling looks a little washed out in the picture, but to be honest, those ingredients were never going to create a colourful sandwich. It tasted like a gooey sweet dream slapped between fried wheat bread, so who’s complaining?

Satsuma | website | HappyCow (pending) | Facebook

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