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Veggie London: Gujarati Rasoi, Dalston.


If you’re one of those people that likes to flap your gums on Twitter about how tedious you find, pastel filters, pretty desserts, cat photos and happiness, this post probably isn’t for you. You’ll feel more at home over on Thug Kitchen for a bit, cos shit around here is about to get seriously fucking twee. I’m going to use the words “pop up” and “magical” and post hazy-hued Instagram pics of pretty dishes and that’s just the way it’s going down today.

My boyfriend and I have a soft spot for Tayaabs in Whitechapel, but we decided it was too far to take his dad and partner when they were in town. Brendan found Gujarati Rasoi online, and with its chipboard walls and colourful bunting, I fell in love.


Gujarati Rasoi started out as a family-run business, known for their traditional Indian sauces and spice blends. The mother-son business duo serve up home cooked vegetarian dishes along with their signature sauces at Borough Market (Monday – Saturday) and Broadway Market (Saturdays only). The pair established a restaurant in 2012, and that is where we found ourselves dining one drizzly December evening.

Gujarati Rasoi has a minimalist interior with clean candlelit tables and a few homey touches, like the sunset bunting draped above the diners’ heads, to cosy up the space. The menu matches the pared down interior: spanning just one side of A4, Gujarati Rasoi offer a handful of starters and sides, three veggie main courses and a couple of desserts to choose between. 



Luckily, each dish is perfect like a kitten’s sneeze or the sound of someone offering to go the bar. The menu is ever-changing, so you won’t necessarily be having a taste-party with saag paneer, coconut kulfi or Sooji Ka Halwa as pictured, but everything we tasted was divine, so you may as well take a roll of the dice.


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