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Fuck Yeah Babes Eating In Public: A Blog About Eating Because Eating is Important

Let’s just get one thing really fucking clear: the Facebook group that posts candid snaps of women eating on the tube is fucking bullshit. At the time of writing, Women Who Eat on Tubes has over 14,000 fans. Over 14000. When I first heard about this insipid corner of the internet, the group had around 5000 followers. Since then – less than a month – their numbers have almost trebled. This blows my fragile, booze-addled mind: their numbers have trebled. Why are 14000 people into this shit?

There are worse groups on the internet than a collective that posts covert snaps of women eating in public. No one is going to lose their job, their business, or their family over a covert image of themselves eating a pasty on the Victoria line. I know that, that’s a fucking given.

Charlotte of Black Heart Creatives chowing down on a big ol’ burger.

Despite that, Women Who Eat on Tubes rests somewhere between vaginal speculums and Primark knicker-induced thrush on the scale of irritants that get right up my fucking cunt. The only difference is that speculums are essential for cancer screenings and thrush is one of those pesky natural visitors, like black mould or coldsores, that we just have to grin and bear whilst we apply special cream until they go the fuck away. I’ve asked my local pharmacist, and she confirms that there’s no special cream for online fuckwittery.

Taking unconsensual photos of strangers in public with the explicit intention of sharing them online to be mocked, shamed – or yeah man, even celebrated – is not something that adults should do. Those last few words – “not something that adults should do” – belong to teachers bollocking year elevens for blowing up condoms like balloons or having water fights in the science lab. It’s not a phrase that we should be using amongst ourselves, amongst legitimate grown ups that can legally buy vodka or vote in general elections or write for the FT, to describe behaviour that’s inappropriate

Bethany of Arched Eyebrow getting stuck into some serious banger action.

For a lark, I created a tumblr to spread pictures of babes noshing the fuck out. It’s called Fuck Yeah Babes Eating in Public. It’s my way of sticking two riotous fingers up to this pack vacuous twats. Check it out, submit badass pictures and eat the fuck up. Cheers.


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Lately, I’ve Been Mostly…

WELL, it’s been a while. I’m still uhmming and ahhing over what to do with Smokin Tofu. I guess you can expect more travel posts and more body positivity, less restaurant reviews but more food porn. That’s the craic at the moment. I’ve not been resting on my laurels though. This month I’ve:

– interviewed ‘A Girl Called’ Jack Monroe for For Books’ Sake.

– written a thing for Vol Up 2 about fat and the Final Girl in horror movies.

– contributed to the For Books’ Sake feature in Geeked’s Intersectionality Issue.

– prepared for my forthcoming trip to New Orleans (so excited – it’s for my pal Nisha’s wedding!).

– started a Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Babes Eating in Public, which is unsurprisingly dedicated to celebrating women eating in public (because apparently we shouldn’t).

– worn a pretty banging doughnut necklace (review coming soon) from Black Heart Creatives.


We fly to New Orleans in two weeks! I’m so fucking excited to introduce my boyfriend to one of my favourite cities in the world. I’m looking forward to listening to jazz, eating bacos at Ba Chi Canteen, visiting the sculpture garden and going on another ghost walk of the French Quarter. There really is nowhere else on earth like New Orleans. I’m also psyched because a big chunk of my book is set in the city, so I’m going to be wondering round with a notebook in hand and camera stuck to my face for our ten day stay, gathering as much rich detail as I can.

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Smokin’ Tofu: 2013 Retrospective & an Announcement of Sorts.

Here it is, chaps: the ol’ obligatory end of year round up. I’ll try not to yawn on too much but feel free to skip to the end.

// Trips // I went on three trips to four cities abroad this year:

P1020785My boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam in the spring, where we hung out in coffee shops with cats and drank beers by the canals. 

P1020309In April, I quelled a hangover with vegan currywurst in a very snowy Berlin with my big brother.

38a971aa231811e3bba622000a1fbc9c_7I popped my New Orleans veggie cherry, listened to jazz in the streets and drank in a toilet-themed bar called The John with my pal Nisha in the autumn.

P1030512And finally, I brunched the fuck out of Oakland with My Byfriend’s Kitchen author Brett. 

// Travel in 2014 // I’ve already got TWO flippin’ trips booked for this year: my darling Nisha is marrying her boo in April, so Brendan and I are heading back to New Orleans to join the raucous celebrations and I cannot WAIT to share this amazing city with someone I love so much (okay, real talk: I can’t wait to eat at Ba Chi Canteen again). For Christmas, my mother is taking my brother and I to Iceland for a long weekend in Reykjavik (I’m a lucky son of a gun). My brother and I have been scheming a trip to Budapest this year, and I’ve promised a pal in Montreal and another in New York that I’ll visit soon. I’ve also got a friend in Malmö and another living near Vienna that I’d like to visit, but I’m just a humble bookseller and not all of these dreams will be able to come into fruition. Wahh.

// Blog // In 2013, I was honoured to be nominated for Blogger of the Year at the annual VegFest UK Awards. Smokin’ Tofu came in fifth place – a massive achievement for this young cider-soaked blog. It marks the end of an important chapter for Smokin’ Tofu: regular readers may have noticed that Smokin’ Tofu is no longer an exclusively vegan blog. There are going to be some further changes around these parts, namely that I will no longer be posting recipes. I just can’t be arsed, folks. It’s a flooded market and I don’t particularly enjoy the pressure of sharing my kitchen creations. Instead, the emphasis of Smokin’ Tofu is shifting to more illustrated restaurant reviews, an abundance of food porn pics and an increase in cookbook reviews. I intend to up my travel blogging game, with more posts about things to do in the places I visit, aside from stuffing my drunken gob with vegetarian grub.

Thanks for sticking around in 2013 and I hope 2014 will be a blinder.

Here’s to us. CHEERS! *knocks cider can against ice cold radiator in a pathetic display of online camaraderie*


Alice xx

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Smokin’ Mail: Brownies from In Vegetables We Trust!

Well, I’ve got mail. Well, I had mail. Like, ages ago but I’m just getting around to sharing it with you now. Alex of In Vegetables We Trust is a complete darling and sent me a box of peanut butter brownies!

Each brownie was individually wrapped to keep them fresh and moist, and they arrived beautifully boxed to prevent them from getting squashed in the post.





In return, I sent Alex a box of goodies from King’s Cross vegan shop SSOV, including vegan marshmallows, vegan gummy sweets, two types of vegan jerky, a sticker and a little vegan badge. Basically, it was the best day ever. The brownies were an absolute hit – fudgey, salty and sweet with crumbly tops and moist innards. Just as all peanut butter brownies should be. The recipe is over on Alex’s blog and I totally yanked this picture from him too. THANKS PAL! Let’s do this again sometime. Also FYI, on his blog Alex said “pretty much gonna send everyone I know brownies now!” so you should probably head over and say hi.

Are you a food, travel bloggeror just generally awesome blogger interested in collaborating? Get in touch.

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Guest Post for Bad Reputation: & Vegan Activism (TW).

A different kind of post today. I recently had an article published on Bad Reputation, a feminist pop culture blog, about vegan activism and rape culture. It received well over 1000 hits within the first day of publication, so I thought I’d share it with you guys too.

For those uninterested, here is a photograph that I feel needs no explanation.


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Berlin Countdown: 13 Days.

I leave for Berlin in just under two weeks! My brother and I have been intending to go ever since our aunt and uncle bought a flat there. This trip has been about ten years in the making and I can’t freakin’ wait. We’re going to split our trip in half, spending a few nights at her place and the rest of our stay in the Jetpak Alternative Hostel. Between promises of 24hr bars, iPod speakers in every room and David Hasselhoff shrines, it was nigh on impossible to choose a place to stay in Berlin, but the fact that Jetpak Alternative is “located in an alternative neighbourhood with lots of graffiti, dark gas lanterns and dog shit” clinched it for us.

I’m so excited – mooching around new cities, getting shit-faced and meeting new people is my absolute favourite thing to do, and my brother is an excellent travel companion. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve bought a made-to-measure clingy mini dress in butter-soft black velvet from vegan lovelies MoonMaiden and a raven blue-black lipstick from against-animal-testing Illamasqua. I’m going to haunt the goth bars and stomp around taking photos of toilet graffiti* and drink awesome beer and say gesundheit literally every time anyone anywhere near me sneezes.

Have you been to Berlin? Tell me EVERYTHING!

(You may or may not know that I also have a toilet graffiti blog called But Then Feminism Happened – check it out!).

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Call For Submissions: The Vegan Society

Amsterdamn Pankcakesh-tile

Clockwise, L-R: Pancake in Amsterdam, coffee and beignets in New Orleans, battered tofish and chips in London, tofu and pesto sandwich in Krakow. 

The Vegan Society are looking for international contributions and I thought I’d pass the message along because I’m nice like that.

“Calling all vegans from around the world: Help to bring veganism to a global audience! Write a short article about veganism in your country. We want to hear from you!

In the run-up to our 70th anniversary, it is more important than ever that we reconnect with vegans the world over, and come together to celebrate several decades since we created the word ‘vegan’.

Tell us your stories about veganism, such as:
– What’s happening where you live?
– What has changed in the last five years?
– What opportunities might there be in the future?

Interested in contributing to The Vegan and helping us to extend our international outreach?
Send your ideas to!

We’re looking for between 500-1000 words, plus high quality photographs. 
Deadline for summer issue: Mon, 11th of March
Deadline for autumn issue: Mon, 10th of June

Please note that unfortunately we cannot pay for submissions. We also cannot guarantee that your article will be published, although all submissions will be given strong consideration.”

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Smokin’ Tofu: 2012 Retrospect

end of year 1

// Trips // I went on three trips abroad this year:

I nibbled stroopwaffles and scoffed chips with mayonnaise in Amsterdam // munched buttery vegetable couscous and roasted root veg in Marrakech // spent a weekend in Krakow experimenting with 2am Polish street food.


// Recipes // This blog is still such a baby, I can’t believe how few recipes I’ve posted. Here are a few:

Blueberries 3 Ways // Cajun Spiced Pumpkin Soup // Port & Pomegranate Sauce // Mac & Cheese // Obscene Black Bean Soup

// 2012 in Retrospect // I discovered some amazing cookery books this year and my wishlist for 2013 is as long as a zapiekanka (i.e. really long). Top 5 foodie books I discovered this year:

appetite for reduction-L

// Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes // I love Isa Chandra Moskowitz and I love this book but I hate the title because it sounds like a fad diet book (sorry Isa). This is my most used and food-spattered cookery book to date. Certain recipes – the creamed corn, the jerk asparagus, the eazy breezy cheezy sauce – have become kitchen staples in the Smokin’ Tofu residence and thus far everything I’ve whipped up has been a painless rave.


// Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero’s Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar // I’ve had a great time learning to bake cookies this year and look forward to using these recipes as a springboard to create my own crumbly cookie monsters in 2013. The Mexican Snickerdoodles and the Sell Your Soul Pumpkin Cookies have been particular winners, much loved by the menfolk that get high in my flat (on my baking, obvs).


// Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals // I read this back in March, and it pushed me to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I’m still struggling, occasionally having off-days (and off-weeks), but I’ve reduced my dairy intake dramatically and that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


// Niki Segnit’s The Flavour Thesaurus // Okay, confession: I read most of this book during the quiet hours at work (I work in a bookshop, FYI). Even though it covers meat and dairy too, it’s a great tool for developing a mental map of flavour combos beyond the obvious, gives great explanations as to why certain flavours seem to work together so well and offers simple recipes, examples and anecdotes to demonstrate the combos in action. It’s also a gorgeous hardback with a fabric cover and deep pink-edged pages. Serious book-gasm.


// Jenny Linford’s Writing About Food // I like this series of books. They’re a little old fashioned and most likely to be out of print these days, but they’re concise and well written. This one covers writing about food in every conceivable way, including tips on how to write recipes and how to break into food writing. It came out in the ’90s, so it’s pre-blogging, but what’s the heart of blogging if not writing?

// Goals for 2013 //

// Blog // Learn to bake savoury vegan breads // Start pickling things (thanks to @QuantumVegan who regaled me with tales of curried pickled cauliflower on Twitter the other day) // Cashew dairy a la Addicted to Veggies // Perfect pesto (first batch last night was only so-so) // Improve terrible photography // prepare more raw meals … and perhaps try to collaborate with some fellow bloggers?

// Travel // I’m scheming up a trip to Berlin with my big bro and Amsterdam with my boyfriend (he’s dragging his heels but, come on), as well as a beachy stint somewhere nearby in the late summer/early September with two friends who are based in New Orleans and Dubai. I won’t really be able to afford it but it’s the only way we can all see each other fairly so it’ll have to happen. I’d also like to make it up to Scotland and down to Brighton.

Happy New Year, and sincere thanks to all who’ve been knocking around this blog and making me feel less like I’m standing on an upturned bucket shouting at strangers during rush hour in Camden Town.

love Alice xx
Twitter: @smokintofu
Instagram: smokintofu

PS – what have been your favourite food blogs from the past year? I want to fatten up my blogroll and recommendations are always welcome. Mine would be: 101 Cookbooks // A Beautiful Mess // Addicted to Veggies // but where do you get your protein? // My Boyfriend’s Kitchen // Olives For Dinner // Quantum Vegan //